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ON DUTY Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Pays a principal sum of up to $1,000,000

Criminal Assault Benefit:

Spouse Training Expense:

Paralysis: 200% of principal sum

Seat Belt Benefit: Up to an additional 30% of the principal sum

Bereavement Benefit:

Dependent Child Benefit: $10,000 for each

Child Care Benefit: $5,000 per year, for each dependent child, up to a maximum of $50,000

Education Benefit: $20,000 for post secondary education for each dependent child

Parent Care Benefit: Up to $40,000 for dependent parents

Identification Benefit: For family member to travel to identify body

Repatriation Benefit: To prepare and return the deceased's body

Memorial Benefit: For expenses of the organization or department

Brain Damage Benefit: 100% of the Principal Sum

Medical Expenses: Up to $25,000

Home Health Care Benefit: $15,000

Plastic Surgery: $10,000

Coma Benefit: 1% of the Principal Sum per month

Total Weekly Disability Benefit: Up to $1,000 a week for up to 10 Years

First Week of Disability Benefit: Always pays up to $1,000

Minimum Total Disability Benefit: $100.00 per week

Partial Disability Benefits: Up to total disability amount for up to 2 years

Cost of Living Adjustment: Increases benefit by 5% of pre-disability income per year

Home and Vehicle Adaptation: Dismemberment or wheelchair not required



Permanent Physical Impairment Benefit: Up to 100% of Principal Sum

Transition Benefit: Extends disability benefit for up to 26 weeks after recovery if member loses job while on claim

In-Hospital and Outpatient Benefit: Pays $50 a day for up to 2 years

Family Expense Benefit: Replaces lost income of family members.

Mental Stress Management: Up to $10,000 for single incident or cumulative affect of multiple incidents

Career Members: Automatically included, unless asked to exclude

Auxiliary, Board, Community, Junior Members, and bystanders asked to assist at the scene of an emergency: Automatically included

Exclusions: No exclusions for sports or for pre-existing health conditions!

Organized League Athletics: Fully covered under Off Duty 24 Hour Accident Coverage

Need more information? Please contact:
Michael Crowe, Regional Director
Toll Free: 1 (866) 380-1990

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