Benefits for accident, injury, sickness and disability insurance benefits for volunteer Fire Departments
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Controlled Cost…

The amount of benefit credited to a member is based upon a formula established by each organization. The formula can and will vary according to the budget that you determine. In each case your organization establishes the rules for participation.

You can elect a flat dollar amount or by formula establish “Service Credits” based upon activity.  Unlike standard Health and Dental plans this program provides a fixed maximum year after year known cost.  Your plan is not affected by health, inflation, or increasing fee guides.

Every member can participate. Plan rules for Service Credits are established by each organization, and can be adjusted to meet your changing needs.

Benefits provided…
A member may use their service credits to reimburse Health and Dental expenses allowable under the Income Tax Act.  For members who already have a group health and dental program, the plan may be used to “top-up” what their primary plan does not fully reimbursed. 

The plan may also include Out of Canada Emergency Medical Benefits on an individual or family basis.  A Catastrophe Medical Benefit, providing $25,000 of additional medical expense coverage for each family member, is available.  Any unused Service Credits can be applied to a department Group RRSP.
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Group Benefits for volunteer fire fighters
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Group Benefits for volunteer fire fighters
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