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Provident provides benefits to volunteer and paid on call emergency service organizations. We specialize in volunteer and composite fire departments. Benefits include:

Accident Insurance, Injury Insurance, Sickness Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Group Registered Retirement Saving Plans, On Duty and 24 Hour Off Duty Protection, other Group Coverage and Group Benefits.

We stand with these heroes protecting them from hazards, both seen and unseen.

On Duty Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance
Complete listing of coverage for On Duty Accident & Sickness Benefits for Emergency Service Organizations.

24 Hour Off Duty Accident Coverage
Complete listing of coverage for Off Duty Injury Benefits for Emergency Service Organizations.

Group Life Insurance
Purpose: To provide a lump sum payment to a Member's beneficiary, family or estate, upon their death.

Critical Illness Insurance
A Critical Illness Plan fills the gap between life and disability insurance by providing coverage for life altering illnesses. We cover up to 29 Conditions.

Health and Dental Benefits
Benefits provided....
A member may use their service credits to reimburse Health and Dental expenses allowable under the Income Tax Act. For those who already have a group health and dental program, the plan may be used to top-up what their primary plan does not fully reimbursed.

The plan may also include Out of Canada Emergency Medical Benefits on an individual or family basis. A Catastrophe Medical Benefit, providing $25,000 of additional medical expense coverage for each family member, is available. Any unused Service Credits can be applied to an organization Group RRSP.

Group Registered Retirement
Savings Plan (RRSP)

You can recognize the contribution of your member's by providing service credits for a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Payments are flexible and members can choose to deposit additional amounts for themselves or their spouses. The minimum annual cash flow per organization is $10,000.

Volunteer Firefighter
Master Card

You can support the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association with your MasterCard purchases. Apply today and get your CVFSA MasterCard by the Bank of Montreal (BMO) with a great rate, Air Miles and tons more!

About Us
We are a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing specialized insurance and other benefits to emergency service organizations. We trace our roots to Provident Agency, of Pittsburgh, PA, who began serving emergency service organizations in 1928. In 1962 they were the first to introduce heart and illness related coverage. We are a uniquely Canadian Program!

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List of external links for websites that may be of value to Emergency Service Organizations, particularly Volunteer Fire Fighters.

You or your agent should Contact
Michael Crowe
Regional Director - Canada
Direct:____ (250) 380-1990
Toll Free: 1 (866) 380-1990

Mr. Crowe has been insuring emergency service workers for over 25 years.

He began his insurance industry career in 1975 and over the years has held Senior Account Executive and Management positions with the Marsh and Aon organizations. In 1995 he established Advantage Benefits Plus, as an independent practice focused exclusively on Group Benefit Programs. Through his experience, and extensive industry contacts, we have developed products and markets that are exclusive to our firm. This has led to the establishment of Provident Benefits in Canada. He has set the standard that our clients should Expect Excellence in pro-active service and has established our motto, "If there is no perception of value, there is no benefit!"

Group Benefits for volunteer fire fighters
Group Benefits for volunteer fire fighters
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Accidental Sickness
Critical Illness
Disability Benefits
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